Laura McCorkindale

Last updated:  12/23/2011; 7:23pm
Compiled:   Various sources

KNOWN OCCUPATION/s (past and present):

Strategic Consultant
Music Manager
Talent Manager (film/tv)
Film Producer
Studio Executive
Investment Portfolio Manager
Investigative Reporter/Columnist

-Justice Rapid Response
-Vice President of Production and Development
The Goldstein Company (Producers of Pretty Woman, Under Siege)
-Frank Price Productions/Film Development
-Columbia Pictures/Film Development
-Theatre Producer: Sam Shepard Plays
-Various newspapers and magazines including Huffington Post (current)

Known For: 

-Selling Dwight Yoakam’s music catalogue for a record breaking multiple, matching the top historical sale of the Motown catalogue sale, taking over Yoakam’s management following the sale, overhauling his career, in music, film/tv and ancillary businesses. Responsible for his successful comeback, tours, albums, 2005-2014. Stunned the industry when she gave up the position to work with Justice Rapid Response, a non profit that investigates and prosecutes crimes against humanity.

-Community work in various neighborhoods: West LA (gang clean up, work with LAPD), Outpost/Hollywood (crime prevention program); Toluca Lake (founder of Toluca Lake Noise Council and known for banning helicopters in the immediate air space)

-Founding film development and production company with Academy Award Winner Katja von Garnier.

-Breaking a number of investigative stories in the early 90’s. Double winner of Quill and Scroll Award, triple scholarship winner, highly acclaimed columnist.

-Memberships at Soho House and regular attendee at flagship TED Conference

-FADE-IN magazine:  Selected as one of the Top 100 People to know in Hollywood


Contributor to CMT, Country Music Today Magazine; involved in bid to purchase magazine 2005/06

Book author: ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: Ways to Feel Safe in Challenging Times (also creator of the brand that accompanies the book). Link:

Award Winning Journalist and Columnist: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester Times Union, The Independent Journal, Pacific News Service, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, etc

Fox 2000 Twentieth Century Fox
Film Writer

Disturbing the Peace


Speaker:  Hollywood Film Festival, various panels, speaking engagements

FADE-IN magazine:  Selected as one of the Top 100 People to know in Hollywood

Producers Guild of America

CAA (Creative Artists Agency) agency

Los Angeles Citizen of the Year 1996-7

Los Angeles TIMES CALENDAR COVER/interview

Fundraiser Chair for Lewa Conservancy; helped save Rhinos on the brink of extinction via her fundraisers/CAA.

Film Producer:

Emmy Award / Golden Globe winning, starring Hilary Swank, Angelica Houston, etc. for HBO

Executive Producer/ Untitled TV series sold to CBS

BANDITS  (working title)
Producing with John Wells (ER, WEST WING, White Orleander, China Beach).

DISTURBING THE PEACE, writer/producer
Premiered at the Sedona Film Festival

Other known films associated with (development):  Griffin and Sabine, Providence, Die Kinder, Anna Merz

Known Charity Involvement:

Max It Out

Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

Lewa Wildlife Conservatory



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